Well, people I told you as soon as we pulled out the pumpkins, the turkey was not far behind and guess what..Old Saint Nick is just around the corner. You can really get confused when you walk in Walmart. You don’t know whether to purchase Halloween candy on sale or Christmas candy at the regular price. Then it is really gonna be sad when January comes and Easter will be the only other holiday in sight.

Since we are talking holidays, that brings to mind all the cooking we must start thinking about. You know some years ago I had a recipe contest and one lucky lady won a great prize for her Green Bean recipe. I loved it and still have the recipe. So I thought this season I would do the same. Of course I will let the Hubby be the judge. You know he does like to eat. Start thinking about your recipes now and I will let you know where and when to send them.

Now on to the special part of my article. THE LAKE! You know I overheard someone remark that I never really told anything that goes on at the lake and I must say, this is a very “dull” place to be at this time of the year.

The only great big thing I have to announce is that we had a “Parade of Home” this past Sunday and it was such bad weather I did not see anyone at all come to see the house on my road. Mother Nature nearly blew us off the lake when we took the daughter for her last boat ride of the year. It is sad to see the boats leave but that means spring is not far away.

I will announce that the “Big Blue Fan Club” met for the first time to cheer the basketball team this past Friday night. Man, I noticed they had a lot of young freshman on the team and ladies I hope you noticed all the “hair do’s” on some of those guys. I bet somebody had to really work to get them looking like that! Notice when you watch the next game. Of course the Hubby let me know, “it’s not what you do with your hair .... it how well you play the game.” Of course my reply as always was REALLY. I will tell you that a little money changed hands and none of it came my way. I LOST!

Folks that is about all I have to say. I hope you are staying happy and enjoy the moment because I certainly am! Till next time ... Bye now.