The Kentucky League of Cities sponsored a contest for cities to be able to tell their story. I entered for Adairville and we won one of the spots. Kim Fowler went for training to know exactly what they wanted and how to operate the recording equipment. We have already thought of some to interview but if you would like to participate call city hall and tell Kim. This is strictly voice recording and can be fine-tuned by the experts at KLC. We may film some or all of it but they will not use that. This will be for our own files. When it is finished it will be on their website and our website. I look forward to having this as a tool to tell our story on our website. We will be talking to people about how Adairville has evolved in their lifetime and to how we hope to become a destination city. If you get called be sure and participate and tell your story.

Charles Brindley informed me that he will be having an art exhibit at Western Kentucky University sometime late next year and that PBS has called and wants to do a story on him. Part of this will be how he sees Adairville coming back after losing its industry. We are so fortunate to have Charles and family in Adairville and all they bring in helping turn Adairville around.

We are beginning to see new things happening, the Hideaway has opened and if you haven’t been in you need to. Their hamburgers are great. Rose has a way of making those fabulous. Everyone raves about her taco salads too. I haven’t had one this time but remember well how good they were. Terri

Holliday has expanded to two buildings with the Grapevine, so it only leaves the old restaurant building and the IGA building on the north side. I so wish the IGA building would be bought by someone who would open an antique mall. I really think this would go over. It would be so good to see lights on in all the buildings at night and there has got to be someone who is a great cook and has a desire to open a restaurant. The more people we can get on the square the better off we all are.

Just an FYI about 431 and where the southern bypass meet, it will be opening November 7, 2017. Be very careful there is a terrible hump in the road as I am sure you have noticed. For the record, I spoke face to face with Jim Scott, owner of Scotty’s and told him about the problem, he directed me to the project manager and he told me face to face that the state designed it that way for water drainage. I called Wes Watt at the state and he came the next day and rode back and forth on it with the project manager. He called me and said that apparently that is the way it needs to be to let water drain off. Didn’t make sense to me as I told him, they could have make a smaller hump but then I am not an engineer. Told him I just hope the ambulance service has their patients strapped in when they transport to Nashville from Russellville or Adairville to Russellville.

Shout out a Happy Birthday to Mr. W. L. Moore who will be 90 years young on November 13. Call him and wish him a big birthday. He is always so supportive of all we do in Adairville. Thank you and have a great day, dear friend.

Coffee Bottom Girl

I am proud to be an American and believe it is the greatest country on this earth, but there are some things that I don’t understand why we accept.

1. How does a deserter like Bowe Bergdahl walk away a free man? A dishonorable discharge when men were wounded looking for him. You’ve got to be kidding. My cousin just had cataract surgery at the VA hospital and can’t see as well as before the surgery. That tics me off that we don’t have qualified staff to treat our veterans. They should be top priority in our health care system. They should have the best doctors to take care of them.

2. The NFL taking a knee. Well take a knee but take it in some other country. Our country and our soldiers fought and lost lives for you to make your political statement so you need to have some respect.

3. How did we get to the place we need to be armed to go to church?

I think the answer may lie in we do not hold people accountable for their actions anymore. Sometimes I feel like crime pays. Sure you may serve a little time if you get caught with marijuana or some other drug, but a slap on the wrist and your back on the street selling again. The only money you miss is the time you are out of commission, but with money like that who cares. How do we turn this country around? We don’t. Only the power of God can and all we can do is pray that he intervenes.

Lots right with this country but lots wrong too. Till next week.