Kentucky State Police have confirmed the remains found in the Auburn area in December 2017, by duck hunters belong to John J. Cauley, born April 5, 1951, of Bellefontaine, Ohio.

Jeremy Hodges, information officer for the KSP said family members have been notified.

A skull, jawbone, and some vertebrae were collected off Willow Pond Road in Auburn and sent to the Madisonville Medical Examiner.

According to Logan County Coroner Mary Givens, Lee Blythe led detectives to the identity of Cauley after learning about the case and linking a tenant he had in one of his apartments.

“My mother had rented an apartment to Mr. Cauley back in June of 2016,” said Blythe, who owns the property in Auburn near Federal Grove, his business. “He was a really nice guy. We never had any trouble from him. He even came to my church a few times.”

In November of 2016, a few months after moving in, Cauley disappeared.

“He just left and didn’t come back,” said Blythe, adding that Cauley had left behind some personal items including his wallet and driver’s license.

When reports surfaced about the skull found in Auburn, Blythe began to wonder about his missing tenant.

“I actually had a friend of mine contact me and ask about Mr. Cauley when the news hit about the remains. I began to wonder, so I contacted the authorities,” Blythe said. “They came and looked at the belongings left behind and one thing led to another.”

Although the case is still under investigation, Coroner Givens said to her knowledge no further search will be conducted into additional remains that may be in the area.

“There was no visible trauma to the remains we found,” reported Givens. “We may never know what happened to him.”

Blythe said it was his understanding Mr. Cauley had several medical issues.

“He was in pretty bad health and was prone to wander off,” said Blythe.