Seventh Judicial Circuit Commonwealth Attorney Gail Guiling has been indicted on felony charges by a duly impaneled special grand jury in Logan County. Her indictment was unsealed Thursday morning.

Guiling, who serves Logan and Todd Counties, is being charged with two counts of tampering with physical evidence, two counts of official misconduct, 2nd degree and engaging in organized crime/criminal syndicate.

The indictment charges that on or between 2013-2014, Guiling committed the offense of tampering with physical evidence by removing or altering evidence she believed was about to be produced or used in an official proceeding on two occasions.

The jury further charges that on or about Oct. 13, 2016, Guiling committed 2nd degree official misconduct by knowingly failing to exercise functions and perform duties as required by law, in the nature of her office by failing to report a crime to which she was a witness. On that same day, Guiling is alleged to have made Quinton Guiling (her ex-husband) aware of the contents of a letter written by a co-defendant.

The grand jury also charges that between Jan. 1, 2008, and December 8, 2016, Guiling and five or more individuals, known and unknown, committed the offense of engaging in organized crime/criminal syndicate, by collaborating to promote or engage in theft offenses by doing one or more of the following:

a) providing material aid to a criminal syndicate

b) committing a neglect of duty

c) facilitate a criminal syndicate

Guiling has been disqualified from further acting as Commonwealth Attorney during the "pendency of the action," according to the judicial order signed by Judge Tyler Gill Thursday, Oct. 5. 2017. The Attorney General is requested to name an attorney as special prosecutor for the Commonwealth, according to the order. Ninth Circuit Judge Ken Howard is expected to preside.

In 2008 Guiling, then Assistant Logan County Attorney, was appointed to replace the late Charles Orange, who died as Commonwealth’s Attorney for the Seventh Judicial Circuit. She won her race in 2008 against Elizabeth Wilson, receiving 59 percent of the vote.
The function of the Grand Jury is to determine whether there is sufficient competent evidence to believe that a crime has been committed by a specific individual. This does not mean those individuals are guilty of a crime. The innocence or guilt is finally determined by a petit jury at trial.

Judge Howard has issued a criminal summons.