For a second time this month Logan County citizen Laurie Belcher addressed First District Magistrate Dickie Carter about the decisions he makes on the fiscal court.

At the Tuesday, Sept. 26 meeting Belcher spoke during citizen participation, this time bringing with her a laptop which she read from.

“I wasn’t prepared the first meeting I came, but I am prepared now,” said Belcher, who had filed an open records request asking for fiscal court meeting minutes for the past six months.

When Belcher came to the Sept. 12 meeting, she asked Carter several questions pertaining to his request for records from the detention center’s commissary account. She had told Carter then she was disappointed in him, and echoed this sentiment at Tuesday’s meeting again.

Carter has been asking for the account records for years, he said. One of the reasons he cited was the 201516 Logan County audit, which stated under executive summery that the detention center did not have sufficient control or maintained proper records for the jail commissary fund. The audits overlapped and the 2015-2016 was almost exactly the same wording as the previous audit due to them being back to back. There were no findings of any theft or misappropriation of any funds at the jail.

“I am very disappointed and I’m going to, as a citizen, talk to other citizens and make them aware of your actions,” said Belcher to Carter.

Belcher read aloud Carter’s motions made over the past six months, some that passed and others that did not. A lot of Carter’s movements involved the sheriff’s department and the detention center.

Belcher also recited Kentucky Administrative Regulations and Kentucky Revised Statutes pertaining to elected officials, their responsibilities and their conduct.

Drug testing, inmate processing through the judicial system, The Climb and the GED program were all topics Belcher recited that Carter had talked about in open meetings.

“The jailer operates the jail on a daily basis. The jailer is responsible for the hiring and dismissal of all jail employees. I am not an attorney, but what I get from the statutes, Phil Gregory is over the staff at the jail,” said Belcher.

Fifth District Magistrate Jo Orange was also mentioned by Belcher, who read a “Letter to the Editor” Orange had put in the News-Democrat & Leader about the jail and the GED program.

“You talked to the jailer about one of his employees and there was a grievance filed against you by that employee right?” asked Belcher to Orange.

Both Orange and Carter told Belcher, “you need to get your facts straight.”

Belcher replied, “I have may facts straight. I got them straight from the minutes.”

After Belcher concluded, a second Logan County citizen took the podium to address magistrate Carter. Lyle McDonald, a retired registered nurse, called Carter a “joke.”

“You are the one who puts the Christian stickers on your car and you sit up there are laugh at her (Belcher). I am shocked at you people (the court). You are supposed to be working together to represent me. I am embarrassed of your (Carter) behavior. I wish I was in your (Carter) district so I could vote against you.

McDonald spoke about working in several areas of nursing including psychiatric.

“I am asking Dickie to personally get some help. I am asking you to resign your position, that’s what would be best,” he said.

McDonald added he was concerned for the rest of the court “having to put up with and work with the disease you have on the court.”

Carter did not comment during McDonald’s address. He did, however, comment to the N-D& L on Wednesday.

“People that know me know my convictions. I have the best interest for the citizens in my district and all of Logan County. I am not on the court to pick on anyone. I am just trying to do my job as magistrate, which I was elected to do,” said Carter.